Sunday, January 28, 2007

Week 3 ~ Exercise 5

I spent lots of time exploring Flickr. There are so many photos. I especially enjoyed the photos of places. I visited Italy, Japan and New York. It's very easy to become an armchair traveler with Flickr!

I visited the group, Kitties, and discovered 7565 photos of cute kitties. I thought I was the only one who took pictures of her cats!

I'd like you to meet "Taxi Driver," a very cute and curious kitty.

This wasn't an easy exercise for me, but I accomplished the task of posting a photo to my blog!

Week 2 ~ Exercises 3 & 4

Well after a few missteps I finally created my blog (with a little help from my friends)! I successfully registered it, but then, of course I didn't like the original name I gave it. It just didn't speak to me.
What to do? Can you rename your blog? Not to worry! Our fearless leader, Sandra Stewart, came to my rescue and now I am happy with my blog's name: The Cats Meow. I am a cat person and I wanted my blog's name to reflect that, so now I am a happy blogger. It's all in the details!

Week 1 ~ Exercises 1 & 2

The Journey Begins!
I am so glad that SJPL is giving us this opportunity. I so look forward to finally entering the 21st Century!
I found learning about the "Seven and 1/2 Habits" very interesting.There are a few I find difficult and a few that I find easy. However, the hardest one for me is:Viewing Problems as Challenges. When a problem arises at work or at home I either want to scream or escape. Viewing the problem as a challenge is a wonderful way of confronting the problem and making it work for me instead of against me. I will try to do this in the future.
The easiest habit for me is PLAY. Perhaps being a Youth Services Librarian lends itself to having fun at work plus it's just me to want to have fun and laugh. I try to make the workplace a happy and fun place.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I did it

Well my first post worked, so I guess I'm on a roll. Creating the blog wasn't that easy, as some of my co-workers are also finding. But we are helping each other out which is so cool. Remember there will always be someone who knows how to do it!!!!

First Blog Ever

This is my first blog ever. Creating my blog got confusing so I decided to start all over again. I think I got it right this time.